Parking Lot LED Lighting

Wednesday, 29 February 2012 06:03


Capital City’s design replaced the original 400 watt Metal Halide, which uses 450 watts of energy with a designed LED sequence system that, instead of being lit at 100 percent wattage at all times, uses motion sensors to operate the lights at 74w all night and step up to full power when motion is detected. The finished LED system creates a lighting sequence as needed during an entrance or exit to the property.  In addition, a safety feature of this system allows patrons and security to see when there is movement in the parking lot.  A pole will instantly come to full brightness when someone is near it.  The new LED fixtures have a 5 year warranty with a life of 200,000 hours or 45 years.

The comparison to the old lighting is like day and night. The new LED lighting has greatly reduced the hazards and improved the security of having a semi dark parking lot. The light readings are off the chart. The energy costs are less than half of what they used to be. The motion activated sensors are great ... the lights dim when no one is around, then go to bright when motion is detected. Also having the photo cells on each light prevents having to have timers on all of the lights. We have not had any problems to this date. --Tim Autery, Facility Management Specialist, US Dept. of Veterans Affairs